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Ponthus’ Beech

curated by Tubi Tse
on twistedsifter.com
Post / 7.6.13
In this incredible photograph by Christophe Kiciak , we see the beautiful Ponthus’ Beech, located in Brocéliande forest in Bretagne, France.

According to Kiciak :

“Different stories exist, but a common one is that Ponthus, a knight of the round table, lived in a castle there, somewhere around the 10th century. He was disappointed by the fact he had no child, and blasphemed about it. God punished him by destroying his castle in a storm, and the tree grew on its ruins.”

Kiciak said although it is well-known, the tree is actually quite difficult to reach and is technically located in a private part of the forest. You can learn more about his journey and the process to take such an amazing photograph by checking out the photo on Flickr .